When You Should Outsource Recruiting


It’s a job seeker’s market, which makes recruiting and hiring quality candidates harder than ever. To make the most of a job market geared more towards those looking for a
job over those hiring for a job, you need to recruit the highest quality talent. So, it’s time to ask yourself the honest question, can we put in the time to effectively recruit high-level candidates in-house?

You’ll know the answer by taking a look at your current landscape and determining if the following scenarios are what you are up against. If so, it’s time to outsource your
recruiting efforts.

You Need to Cut Costs – Consider the cost of an empty seat. Sometimes this amount is not a hard and fast number but rather a “softer” cost for the organization. Think of
how it is when you’re short-staffed. Someone else has to pick up that slack, which puts more pressure and responsibility on others, possibly leading to burnout, stress, and a potential drop in productivity. What if the open seat is a leadership or management position? You now have a team that lacks guidance. Let alone an entire organization’s morale at risk. Again “soft” costs might not seem as impactful on the immediate bottom line but can cost your organization over time.

You Need to Improve Effectiveness – Look at the candidates you’ve brought in over the last 6-9 months. Do you find that they lack the quality you want in your organization? The job market is tough enough for hiring managers, let alone when you don’t have access to more talent. That’s where outsourcing your recruitment needs pays off. Good recruiters and recruiting agencies have a substantial portfolio of high-level job candidates.

You Need to Fill Seats Faster – When paired with effectiveness, speed is key in recruiting. Recruiters trained to do just that know how to fill your seats as quickly as possible with elite talent. Recruiting agencies can focus strictly on this task so they can bring in candidates for you to interview within days, not weeks or months. It isn’t plausible for hiring managers who also hold the title of recruiter to take care of all their human resources responsibilities simultaneously.

You Need to Avoid Turnover – This goes back to costs. Turnover is expensive, from keeping seats empty to the overhead spent on recruiting strategies and the investment made on onboarding. With 80% of employee turnover due to bad hiring decisions and the average cost to replace an employee being 6-9 months’ salary of the employee you’re replacing, it’s worth asking yourself if you’re willing to give that amount up or would instead invest it into the front of the hiring process.

You Need to Focus on Actual Business – When a company has to focus primarily on filling roles, the core business goals and initiatives might get lost or placed on the back burner. Regardless of if you have people designated as recruiters internally, you’re still using your organization’s resources to help with recruiting. Outsourced recruiting doesn’t suck up your company’s ability to remain consistent and attentive to the core business.

So, what’s holding you back from outsourcing your recruitment? Join the conversation on LinkedIn. If you want access to our talent pool of qualified remote workers, connect with our team here!