How To Stand Out From Other Candidates


5 Effective Ways to Stand Out from Other Job Applicants

You’re a great job candidate. You have the skills, the personality, and the passion for being the perfect fit for a role, but you’re not alone, especially in a competitive job market. Hiring managers no longer hire just for a position. They hire for a well-rounded individual who fits the job description, the company culture, and the organization’s needs.

So, how can you make yourself stand out from other job applicants and remain memorable in the minds of those hiring?

Do Your Research – This is the bare minimum of what you should do leading into a job search, applying for a job, and going on an interview. All applicants should know the company, the ins and outs of the job they are applying for, and what they can bring to the table to make the company more successful.  

Personalize Your Resume – Start by knowing the type of jargon a company uses. Next, look for keywords on their website that will fit in with what you share on your resume and add those. Also, think about the position you are applying for, and what types of skills or responsibilities fit best. Finally, showcase that what you can bring to the table will far exceed others.

Ask Memorable Questions – Ask questions that demonstrate you are the person who can provide a solution to the company’s problem. Stand out by asking questions that make the interviewer think twice in a good way. Keep the conversation flowing by asking open-ended questions that keep the interviewer talking and the connection building.

Play the Role – Highlight how you can become the company’s champion. Work into the conversation about how in previous positions, you were a brand ambassador for the company you worked for and a thought leader within the industry, especially if you can highlight any of this on a digital platform.

Thoughtfully Follow-up – You will most likely be in the mix with other very qualified candidates. You can nail the interview, but if you really want to stand out, you must excel in the follow-up. Don’t just send a thank you note. Instead, send a thank you note that includes a sample of work or an example of something you would do if you got the job. Give them a reason to visualize you in the role.

How else can someone stand out among a sea of qualified job candidates? If you want access to our talent pool of qualified remote workers, connect with our team here!