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Why Imperative Recruiting

With employee turnover at an all-time high, you need someone who understands the importance of finding and retaining qualified employees who fit your culture.

Imperative Recruiting understands the unique working environment of a start-up. You need to operate at the highest level by keeping your seats filled with dynamic employees who can hit the ground running.

Think of the time it takes from job description to offer letter. You have to fill those hard-to-place roles by finding highly skilled candidates that went undiscovered, wanting to work in a start-up. This is where Imperative Recruiting steps in and puts time back in your hiring process by performing the following for you:

What defines Imperative Recruiting

Engage with Respect

We value the human aspect of each individual. Engaging in conversations and pleasantries is essential to the development of a trusting respectful relationship.

Adhere to High Standards

We recruit for clients that have the workplace that we would work for/in - our candidates can feel confident about the places we are seeking to place them in.

Edify Empowerment

The team, clients, and candidates feel safe to be transparent with us, ultimately leading to a more successful placement and increased retention rate.

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Why Imperative Recruiting?

Imperative Recruiting’s mission is to align top-tier talent with culture-minded startups in health and tech, by handling all aspects of recruiting from job description to offer letter.

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